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Weekly Virtual Spark Tank

Weekly Sessions from 9:00am – 10:30am

Florida Business Incubator, Inc.’s Virtual Spark Tank series features weekly virtual learning presentations from local experts across multiple facets of business. These interactive sessions are designed to grow your knowledge base in a collegial and supportive environment, answer questions you have on the week’s topic, and provide networking opportunities with other emerging entrepreneurs.

Virtual Spark Tank

This is a strange time for all us. And, as a small business owner, it could be a real problem. The Florida Business Incubator’s Spark Tank is a great opportunity to ‘brain bounce’ new ideas, make vital connections, and meet up with like-minded entrepreneurs to… Innovate, Implement, and Intensify your Business!  We share our challenges with each other, and get the experiences, brainstorming, and support from other small businesses that have experience and ideas to offer! Join us this week!

COVID-19: Since our normal Thursday morning Spark Tanks have had a changeup from face-to-face to Zoom, we are running VIRTUAL Spark Tanks on Thursdays at our usual time: 9am to 10:30am.

We vary with Guest Speakers (Experts in the areas your bring up), Training in tools, systems, and processes for business owners, and at least two Roundtable Spark Tank Chats. As time allows, we hope each person will…

  • Share what their business is (keep it brief so we all get to share!)
  • Share whatever challenges your business may be facing (one of the gifts of SPARKs)
  • Exchange ideas and options with people who have been there  OR
  • Offer your experiences to support others as you’ve been supported

Our Facilitators are eager to meet our community’s needs!

We are using the Zoom.us platform, so download it ahead of time and get familiar with it if you’re not already.

Bring your coffee, stay in your pj’s if you want, and have a seat in front of your computer where we will work together to build each other up.  This is less about competition and more about integrating our services, ideas, and offerings to each other. Community is important and we are all in this together.