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We’re a community-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to empowering local entrepreneurs like you. The Florida Business Incubator, Inc., promotes entrepreneurs & small businesses within their communities by providing mentorship, networking opportunities, and strategic business resources.

We are here for you!

SPARK Meetings: Every 2 weeks
from 8:30a-9:30a

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Why the Florida Business Incubator Needs You!

We are looking for energetic startups and small businesses that are looking to grow or expand.

At the Florida Business Incubator, you can draw on relevant guidance from experienced mentors, acquire critical skills and resources and associate with like-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about their businesses—and yours!

Why the Florida Business Incubator Inc (FBII) Needs You!

Are you a small business owner in Florida feeling lost in a sea of challenges? You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs face isolation and struggle to find the support they need to thrive.

That’s where the Florida Business Incubator (FBII) steps in. We’re a community-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to empowering local entrepreneurs (start-ups and side-hustlers) like you. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Free Bi-Weekly Meetings: FBII offers free, solution-focused bi-weekly meetings where you can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, share your biggest challenges, and gain valuable insights from experienced mentors.
  • Combat Isolation: Break free from the solopreneur struggle! Network with peers, build meaningful connections and find the support system you crave to propel your business forward.
  • Collaborative Wisdom: We believe in the power of shared knowledge. Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and contribute your own wisdom to help others.
  • No Catches, Just Commitment: FBII isn’t a referral program. We simply ask for your commitment to support the community with your knowledge and also trust others’ wisdom to guide you.
    Why the Florida Business Incubator is Important?

    The Florida Business Incubator Inc strengthens the entire local business ecosystem by fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.  Your participation is crucial in creating a thriving network of support for entrepreneurs like yourself.

    However, the future of the FBII depends on you! Without a strong community presence, we risk shutting down. Join us this week and help us continue to ignite innovation and empower local businesses!

    Our 1-hour meetings are the perfect opportunity to:

    • Brainstorm solutions to your most pressing business challenges.
    • Acquire critical skills and resources to propel your growth.
    • Associate with passionate entrepreneurs who share your drive to succeed.

    Visit our calendar to keep a pulse on our upcoming meeting details.

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    Entrepreneur Round Table

    formerly "SPARK Tanks"

    Held twice a month, our Entrepreneur Round Tables are open sessions where entrepreneurs can learn from each other.

    Present your business challenge or successes, and gain insights from fellow entrepreneurs and board members!

    In-person: Every two weeks held at

    Board Room of the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce. 301 Main St, Dunedin.

    What is the ERT?OLD SPARK Meetings

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