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ART became the unexpected theme of round table discussion. We often don’t realize just how much art plays a role in our business lives, from marketing materials, to creative thinking, to the way in which music triggers the emotions for an audience, to the ways in which we engage our clients, or even how we THINK about ourselves and our success (which can require some creativity in tough times!) “Get rid of Stinking Thinking!” – Thanks Danny

I am just learning how to get my work out into the world, even though I am creatively building for others. It is not far off from the big question, “How do I get found/seen?”  That being said, it is all about relationships & engagement. All of us are willing to do this on some level, but growing requires a push towards new things. Every time we sit with the group and the question of “How” comes up, the group offers innovative, creative, and wise ideas, but none of those work until you put them in place. As Danny, who was sharing his gift for jingles this week sing-said, “If you want to GROW you got to get up and GO!” 

  1. Use the language that feels right! One of our participants was sharing that when she shares she is opening an “adult daycare” she hates to use the term because she would prefer to call it a “Freedom Center” (I may not have gotten that completely right, but I know the word freedom is significant). Then why not call it that? It may not be common language but a curious listener will want to know more and how best to share her mission!
  2. What kind of audience are you looking for? Who needs you? How will you change their world with what you offer? Another frequent-flyer participant often reminds us of the power of face-to-face in building relationships, and knowing what you have that they need!
  3. Use a Headline Generator Do you need a little mark SPARK in your headlines? Want to capture your audience’s attention? I tried one of the suggested Headline Generators from TheHOTH and it did a pretty good job!  Additionally, I bumped into THIS article, 7 Powerful Headline Generators