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Last week, we got on the topic of social media. This one, without a doubt, finds its way in to our efforts to promote what we do, and is a challenge to manage (rules are always changing, and just this week, there is chatter in the social media world that likes may become hidden to the public and only users can view their own like counts – this in an effort to curb the difficult nature of social influence on our youth). Natalie Root (therootagency.com) and Chihu (our social media guy growwithchihu.com) dug a bit deeper into the data and tactics of growing an audience after Michael Broom asked, “How do I monetize my followers?”

  1. Don’t be fooled by the follower count! it’s not how many followers you have that matters but how much engagement your content is getting. How many of your followers actually actively engage with your content? And if they are not, then what changes can you make to provide engaging content?
  2. Sometimes free information is a powerful engagement tool  I am a huge proponent of supporting others with information for free. I become a trusted partner in their growth, and when they need my services, they are more likely to seek me. Also, offering value as a free webinar is a great way to attract your audience into your sales funnel. Natalie shared how she partnered with an organization offering to do a webinar (her first ever) and it generated nearly $300K. 
  3. Social Media is a net, not just a tool   Using social media as a net to capture an audience to guide into your sales funnel is a better way to think about how you use your accounts. Consider that 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others, and engagement is part of that experience.