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Dick Powell (the Leadership Wranglerand author of “How not to Lose your Bass in Business”) gave us a brief power session on “Powering Up your Presence” and we all walked away with some tools to improve our connection with others. The run down;

  1. Dick keeps note cards handy to take notes and ensure he gets details that are really important should you have the opportunity to have an exchange again! You can use the back of their business cards too. It feels really nice to be seen by another person, “Hey, last time we chatted the kids were getting off to college, how did they do their first term?”
  2. Offer your name, Business, and what makes you unique. This is an important part because you can tailor this to the needs of the potential client (if you were really listening). Keeping in mind what makes you unique also offers them an angle of curiosity, so find your sparkle in the work you do, and make that point shine.
  3. Then, repeat your name, and give them a tag line to remember.
  4. Keep it under 30 seconds. No one wants to listen to three minutes of you talking about the history of your business and the nitty-gritty details of what you do UNLESS they ask for it! I think this is also respectful of time and gives more space to get to know them personally (because it isn’t just a sales pitch, right? We want engagement!!)

Like I said last week, without a doubt, the few moments we have to catch a potential client’s attention is critical to building that relationship. Listening hard to a potential client’s needs, and knowing how you can meet them play a role, but HOW that information comes across is essential to powering up your interaction.