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Our Round Table SPARK Conversation:

Last week, as we worked through the round table, we spoke with interest about protecting our data online as Steven Hutchings answered questions about Google drive and cloud computing. As a reference, we have to keep in mind that even our banking info hangs on the cloud. Nothing is perfect but being smart about how you manage your passwords and your information is critical. Putting security measures to work is important. Use 2-step verification, use long challenging passwords, and don’t use the same one for things like banking or critical personal information.

During that chat I (My Computer Angel, Evelyn) mentioned that I send my clients to  https://haveibeenpwned.com/ to check how their personal data has shown up on the dark web, and to get notifications about new hits on the their frequently used passwords, email addresses, and personal information. I had promised to send this to the group, and the week ran away with me. Here it is! The site will list any knowledge of specific websites that have had info harvested so that you can go there specifically and update your information and change passwords. It will also list info it has found on general dark web lists.